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UpToDate entries can be formatted according to the 7th edition APA style. This guidance on citing UpToDate is provided:

It is also covered in Section 10.1 (page 319) in the APA Publication Manual, Seventh Edition.

Author, A. (date). Title of entry. UpToDate. Retrieved Month day,  year, from from http://xxxxxxxxx

Here is an example:

Berry, S., & Kiel, D. P. (2018). Falls: Prevention in nursing care facilities and the hospital setting. UpToDate. Retrieved June
     15, 2020 from

Parenthetical citation: (Berry & Kiel, 2018)
Narrative citation: Berry and Kiel (2018)


  • Use the year of last update for the date (2018 in the example above).
  • Include the retrieval date since the content of UpToDate is designed to change over time and versions of content are not archived.
  • In the reference list, italicize UpToDate. In the body of the paper, do not italicize UpToDate.
    (Ex: In UpToDate, Berry and Kiel (2018) recommend......)

Comments (2)

  1. What if there are no authors and UpToDate says that it came from one of their other databases? Lexicomp is the database. The parent company for all of these is Wolters Kluwer and then there is UpToDate, Inc., and Lexicomp who are other companies they own and operate.
    by Charlie on Mar 06, 2020
  2. I found this example: Lisdexamfetamine (n.d.). Lisdexamfetamine: Drug information. Retrieved June 15, 2020 from UpToDate database: -OR- Lexicomp. (n.d.) Lisdexamfetamine: Drug Information. UpToDate. Retrieved June 15, 2020, from (with hanging indents as needed - in the 2nd example, UpToDate should be in italics.)
    by on Jun 15, 2020