Answered By: Tara Atkins
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We have found that it works best to do a keyword search rather than searching with subject headings (default search mode in CINAHL). A keyword search looks for the words, exactly as entered, in the title or abstract. The asterisk (*) is a wildcard for alternate word endings (nurs* = nurse, nurses, nursing, etc.).

Follow these steps to find articles on this topic:

  1. Connect to  CINAHL from the Library's home page (in the Find by Name box)
  2. Remove the check box from Suggest Subject Terms (above the search box)
  3. Paste this in the search box: 
    (postmodern* or post modern*) and nurs*
  4. Click Search

These 2 articles look good, even if they are a little old.

Watson J. (1995). Postmodernism and knowledge development in nursing. Nursing Science Quarterly, 8(2), 60–64.

Reed PG. (1995). A treatise on nursing knowledge development for the 21st century: beyond postmodernism. Advances in Nursing Science, 17(3), 70–84.